Apr 17

Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Relationship Failures and Emotional Eating

I just spent some time with Arianna H.  A very pretty but overweight successful woman of note.  She has come to me to help her with weight loss hypnosis.  Her story is a common one.  I have heard similar stories quite a number of times.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Arianna spent most of her life at what she considers a normal weight.  She said she would’ve liked to have lost 5 pounds or so when she was at this normal weight.  And now that she has ballooned up to well over 30 pounds heavier than that, she would be jumping for joy and dancing the Irish Jig if she was at her old weight.  I’m sure you can identify with her feelings if you’re experiencing weight difficulty now too.

Well, after a particularly bad split with her former boyfriend, she felt very sad, saw a doctor who put her on some medication and immediately gained over 30 pounds in a very short amount of time.  Since then, her emotions have stabilized but she has not been able to successfully remove the weight she put on as a result of what seems to be emotional eating.

We just started working together, and she left the office this evening with a new sense of confidence and optimism.  She became totally committed to working toward revamping her relationship with food, and her thoughts about food.

We do have a number of sessions scheduled together in the future, and it will be interesting for you to follow up with my posts on my work with her.  I’ve seen many successes with this type of emotional eating.

Remember to subscribe to this blog with the RSS feed, so you won’t miss any updates I’ll be making in the weeks ahead.  If you have any questions or want to add some of your reasons for overindulging in your favorite foods, please leave your comments below.

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