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Overcome Phobia – Hypnosis Can Help

Many people just like you suffer from fears and phobias. Phobias are considered different from common fears because they seemingly are irrational in behavior. That means that when we view the fear with our rational and analytical mind, the fear doesn’t seem to make sense. But whether you can make sense of your fear or not, the fact that you are getting a visceral response from the thought of it makes it very real to you. As you read every word of this post you will see how

Fear of Heights Phobia Hypnosis

Overcome Phobia with Hypnosis

The National Institute of Mental Health has concluded that there are almost 20 million American people suffering from one or more phobias. The list seems endless as to what an adult person can consider a fearsome stimulus.

Here are some of the most common types of phobias:

Acrophobia – Fear of Heights.

There is a difference between fear of heights and acrophobia. I think we all have a certain fear of being up high. Fear is a mechanism for preservation. And there is certainly a risk when we find ourselves in place where a slip in balance could lead us to putting ourselves at risk. So becoming fearful when in such a circumstance is a natural response of protection. It’s when just the thought of being in an elevated place elicits a fearful or panicked response, then it’s likely that you are dealing with a phobia.

Claustrophobia – Fear of Small Spaces

There is a large range of responses that have been categorized as claustrophobia. So if you start to feel a fear when you crawl into very small spaces where you are confined and would have difficulty turning around that is one level of fear of small spaces. There is the other end of the spectrum where you feel panic when the door to your room is closed. Again the really tight space fear can be considered a normal response to be restricted in movement. Again a preservation mechanism, because we are programed with two responses to aggressive behavior. One way that we can respond is by fighting, and the other way is by running. I’m sure you can see how being in a confined space would limit your ability to fight, and certainly eliminate your ability to run. So I don’t think being in a very confined space is necessarily a phobic response, just a natural protective measure.

Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark

This is a common fear in children and may extend into adulthood. As with the two preceding phobias, this is your own protective measure taken to an extreme. One of the main ways that we protect ourselves is through our senses. When we use our senses we can detect danger before it is upon us and take action to make sure that we remain safe and alive. One of our main senses that we have learned to rely upon is our sight. Darkness severely limits our ability to see things, and there are animals that have superior abilities to see in the dark, which puts us at a disadvantage when we are faced with that type of challenge. The problem becomes more worrisome when, because we can’t see clearly we start to imagine some really bad consequences and we increase our fear response.

So as you can see these three top phobias, are really normal fears that have been allowed to expand and control our lives in unpleasant and unwanted ways. One of the ways that you can overcome your fears and phobias is with hypnosis and mental imagery. When you look at the way these fears and phobias take place, you will see a common link. They are all based upon fear, and our need to protect ourselves. They are survival mechanisms that are instinctual. The difference between the phobia and the fear is the extent that you allow your imagination to take hold and amplify that fear to an irrational level.

When you use hypnosis you can learn to use your imagination more effectively. A good hypnotist can relieve you of the patterns that you have been practicing and help you to build correct mental imagery that will assist you in remaining calm and balanced.

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