Aug 24

How Hypnosis Can Help Earthquake Victims

Today, there was a rather large earthquake in the USA, in Virginia.  The center was reported to be close to the Richmond area and the effects were reportedly felt all the way up the East Coast into

The damage from earthquakes is more than structural

While buildings crumble, re building emotional stability needs attention

Canada.  I heard reports of some survivors of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami of a few months ago, who now reside in NY, shaking in fear after today’s short quiver of the buildings where they work.

Earthquake hits New York City and Fear Hits Some

Are you now fearful of earthquakes?

This is a natural response after experiencing a trauma such as the horrible catastrophe that Japan has experienced.  But these people who develop this type of fear don’t have to be crippled by it, or be forced to live forever in expectation of what could happen if the earth suddenly erupted.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for working through emotion and feeling based responses.  It’s been documented in use for a very long time and became quite popular for shell shocked infantrymen during WW I.  The biggest of these type of emotional responses is known as fear.  Fear is the feeling that comes up when we humans are confronted with a sense of life or death.  And our natural response to fear is either to run or fight.

Since it is highly unlikely that another extremely large earthquake, like the one in Japan, should happen again, it could be debilitating to have to live with that fear continuously playing in the background.  And if you continually have an uneasy feeling as a result of experiencing a catastrophe, I can tell you that help is close at hand.

Using effective and simple hypnotic techniques, a skilled hypnotist or hypnotherapist can help to reduce or remove those uncomfortable responses.  The hypnotist is also able to help you to build a more appropriate response when faced with a life threatening situation.

So how can seeing a hypnotist accomplish all this?  Hypnosis is an extremely effective way of communicating with your feeling mind.  That’s the part of you that’s responsible for allowing you to feel any of your emotions.  And you know what emotions are for, don’t you?  No?

What Are Emotions For?

Our emotions are communications from our inner minds.  The part of us that’s responsible for protecting us from all real and perceived threats to our existence.  And each of our emotional responses has a specific meaning that’s meant to activate within us a protective response.  Those responses range from freezing entirely to exhibiting massive athletic feats far beyond those of mortal men.  (Not really, I just couldn’t stop myself from using a popular phrase from my childhood).  What I mean is that we can apply an uncommon physical response to emergency situations when deemed necessary by our inner mind.

You have probably read or witnessed a parent lifting a car off an injured child, or people running terribly long distances in situations that called for that extra uncommon physical prowess.  These types of things were spurred on by the emotions within that individual.  There was an urgency which was capitalized upon to exceed common abilities.

So we have these emotion based responses that are mostly learned by prior experiences.   What happens when our prior experiences prepares us for an event that will never happen again in our lifetime?  If we are involved in a lessor but similar event, then we will over react to what is happening and we might miss out on a life-saving response.

In order to respond to each situation based upon the level of urgency and importance, we first need to remove the reflexive desire to over react.  And that’s where hypnosis can be very effective.  By re-training the inner mind to respond in a more appropriate way, we can remove the fear and all of the accompanying uncomfortable feelings.  This allows us more flexibility in our responses, and provides us with the freedom that we really want.

You can find out more about the different types of fear that can be addressed using hypnosis by visiting this web page on fear hypnosis in NYC.

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