Aug 27

Hurricane Irene Causes Fear In Some New Yorkers – Hypnosis Helps

Natural disasters will always be happening.  If you check the news, you will be able to find some kind of calamity happening somewhere around the world at any given time.  Whether it’s a small problem like an old tree limb falling on a car, or major disaster such as the category 2 Hurricane Irene that New Yorkers are bracing to handle this weekend.  The urgency of the potential for harm to property and lives creates confusion in people used to consistency in their lives.  And fear arises and can sometimes remain.  This type of fear can prevent you from taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.

Hurricane Irene hits New York City

Hurricane Irene causes damage like this (Image by Elnias)


Fear is an emotional response that has been programmed inside of each of us and is meant as a mechanism for survival.  So when fear kicks in, you can be pretty sure that you have assessed the situation and decided that a response of running or fighting is appropriate.  That’s the flight or fight response.  When running or fighting is truly necessary then no problem, you’ll have the necessary abilities to perform that task.  But what happens when the response necessary is packing and leaving?  Or making sure you have the proper supplies on hand, or boarding up your windows is necessary?  If you do not temper your fear response, and channel it to the appropriate level for the challenge you are facing, then confusion arises.  That confusion might lead you to freeze or refuse to take action.  Because a confused mind will not make a choice.  And choices at this type of emergency moment are crucial to survival.  But not only are choices crucial, but the right choices are most important.


Working with a trained hypnotist, and learning how to do self hypnosis will give you the means to be able to adjust the level of whatever fear you are experiencing.  And by using self hypnosis prior to an expected natural catastrophe, such as Hurricane Irene, you can take the time to imagine what you would like to be doing during that emergency.  Such as calmly moving to a place of safety, perhaps higher ground.  Or preparing to have bottled water on hand and knowing where to store them for easy access.  Imagining what to do in the event that a tree might fall on a power line, or on your house.  Who you will be go to if your stucture should become unsafe to stay in.  This type of mental rehearsal, done while in self hypnosis, should be done with you always imagining yourself remaining calm and confident.  Because you are always in control of your imagination, you can direct your self hypnosis to how you would like it to turn out.  We call this perfect practice.


When you take the time to rehearse your responses, they become familiar to you, allowing you to be comfortable while making important choices.  Allowing you to remain confident in your actions.  And allowing you to be on top of your game when life threatening situations arise.


You can always seek out the help of a New York City Hypnotist to help you learn how to use your mind correctly prior to an emergency.  And if you had any bad experiences from natural disasters in the past that are lingering and causing you to jump to an uncontrollable fear based response, you can work with a New York City Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist to remove that unwanted fear based response.  Freeing you to live a more comfortable life.

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