Golf Hypnosis

If you want to knock 5 to 10 strokes off your game, get back the love of your sport, and really enjoy yourself on the golf course, then you’re at the right place.

Golf Hypnosis Is Peak Sports Mental Training at it’s Best!

If you’re like most golfers you probably already know that once you learn how to swing your club, golf becomes a mental game.
Here’s what legendary golfer Bobby Jones had to say about his home golf course,

“Golf is played on a 5 1/2 inch course…the space between my ears.”

Golf greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and Tiger Woods, all have claimed how important the practice of their mental games were and how much they contributed to their success on the links.

You probably know that 90% of golf is mental, but the fact is not many golfers know how to develop the mental strategies that are necessary to excel at the game. And of those, fewer still even continue to work at it.

Golf hypnosis is the secret of the pros. They’ve been using it and have kept quiet about it so they could keep it as their own edge over the competition. If you are reading this you might have been sent here by your golf pro because many of them have referred their best students my way.

The truth is that golf hypnosis doesn’t require much in the way of work. With golf hypnosis you will train to uncover the gold you already have inside and learn to use that gold naturally without “work” or effort.

If you want to take your golf game to a whole new level, then this is your time. Peak sports performance doesn’t just happen. You need to know how to get there. With the peak mental training using golf hypnosis you can knock 5 to 10 swings off your game, by unleashing your power that’s been locked up inside you.

I can help you to reach your golfing goals. Don’t put it off another season. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or an up and coming young competitor my mental training in peak performance will assist you to get the results you want, no crave!

Imagine being the envy of others in the clubhouse. People milling about trying to find out what your secret weapon is, how you managed to break 70 or 80 so quickly and stay there.

Golf hypnosis is a simple and you can expect to see quick results. Get started now and you will see drastic improvements before the end of the season. And I guarantee you will be satisfied with my services.

So if you’re ready to take your golf game to that next level and are tired of mucking about call me at (212) 223-1832 or (516) 747-7699 and we can set up an initial consultation.

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