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You can lose weight with hypnosis

Every day I see an amazing assortment of New Yorkers that are seeking help with their problems.  One of the most common problems I deal with revolves around weight loss. So today was a typical day in the life of the NYC Hypnotist, working with a client that wants to lose weight.

Arial is seeking to lose 15-20 pounds.  She’s a very attractive young professional woman looking for a more meaningful life.

When she originally called on me she wanted to change her relationship with food.  She wanted food to be viewed as the source of nourishment and fuel that it really is.  Unfortunately, she like so many other people I have seen got caught up in using food to alleviate stress, or some other emotion and she became involved in eating too much, eating the wrong kinds of food, and eating at the wrong times.  These then became habits that became everyday occurrences.    You can probably see how this could very easily get out of control.

Arial was very smart to come to me to change her behaviors and habits surrounding food.  After just two sessions she has reported that she has changed her behaviors and is eating less and is more comfortable around food.  Today she reported that she had already lost a significant amount of weight.

What great news to hear from my weight loss client.

What are your difficulties with food?  How are you managing your weight loss problems?  I’d be interested to hear from you on your journey from fat to fit, so add your comments below.

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  1. Lois McGuire

    Could hypnosis help with my dwindling self confidence?

  2. Marc Carlin

    Hi Lois,

    Thanks for your question. It’s an important one because there are quite a few people that view hypnosis the way that TV and Movies portray it. Or they think of it in terms of a Hypnosis Stage Show Act.

    Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to quickly change the way that you think about things. And during our session together, if you were looking to change the way you see yourself in regards to your self confidence, then our focus will be to increase your self confidence.

    And because you you say that your self confidence has been dwindling, that means that it has been greater than you feel it currently. So you have had the experience of having a good level of confidence already. It’s also much easier to re-experience something than to experience it for the first time.

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