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NYC Hypnosis heard this news awhile back.  It was shocking to know that right here in our city there would be so many people subject to these type of massive layoffs.  I swiftly offered my services to all who needed them to help them stay mentally prepared.

You can always look at these type of occurrences as tragic, and you can also see them as opportunities.  So many people these days really hate their jobs.  They stay with it only because it pays the bills.  And I don’t want to downplay the importance of having a steady paycheck that affords you the pleasures of life.  But there is something that is life zapping about going into a job that sucks!   So if that’s the case for you it should be easy to change your outlook about a possible layoff and take that as an opportunity to re-create yourself in a new and more satisfying way.

Hypnosis – Help For the Citigroup Layoffs

By Marc Carlin

The news recently that rocked the financial markets was about the massive layoffs scheduled by Citigroup that stated that 50,000 jobs would be eliminated. This is going to be a great hardship for many families. And one of the things they can consider to help them with this difficult situation was reported in the Wall Street Journal last week. The WSJ reported that hypnotists, using hypnosis for stress management, are helping clients affected by the current economy, market swings, and unemployment. They are doing this by using hypnosis to change attitudes. The attitude that we take firmly will enable us to take the necessary steps to focus on the tasks at hand without the worry that might freeze and prevent the very behaviors that are required in this special time.

Here’s how it works.

While in a trance state, we humans become more open to suggestion. We can eliminate uncomfortable responses to situations. We can view things in a new and more rewarding perspective. When we are able to either eliminate or manage stress we can take back control.

What the stress response does.

Stress is the response that is programed into us for our own protection. It is known as the fight or flight response. This is our instinctive response to danger. You know, the response that all living creatures have. Take for example the possum. When in danger, what does the possum do? It plays dead. That’s why the phrase playin’ possum came about. We humans are a little more advanced than the possum, but it appears not much. We have the ability to do a bunch of different things. Responses to danger that we take depends on the situation at hand. But our flight or fight response kicks in with either running or fighting. Or we can play dead. Freeze in our tracks, just like our friend the possum. So afraid to take action that we take no action at all, (or so we think). But that inaction is a choice and actually an action in response to danger none the less.

Why the fight or flight response ends up freezing us?

The fight or flight response has a physical component. Our bodies respond in a predictable way. Our muscles tense up in preparation for running or fighting. Our digestion slows down or stops, again in response to running or fighting, and our breathing becomes very shallow, again in order to help us better run or fight. Now if that muscle tightening that we experience becomes too intense, we actually don’t do anything, like that possum. Surely those of us that would’ve responded that way during prehistoric times would have been weeded out of the gene pool. But these days that stress response is not a response to such a dire attack. We experience stress from financial difficulties, relationship problems, everyday situations that are uncomfortable for us. It’s not life or death, but our bodies respond as if it is.

How Hypnosis Helps With The Citigroup Layoffs

Working with a hypnotist, the affected Citigroup workers are able to release the tension, stress and anxiety of being suddenly thrust out into the current job market. When we are free of unnecessary stress, we can take action that will satisfy the needs wants and desires that are responsible for that stress in the first place. Seeing things in their true perspective. Being able to distance yourself from the unhealthy thoughts that are causing distress and preventing the actions necessary to procure a new job, career, position, business opportunity. It opens the client up to the new possibilities that are out there.

In Summary You Can Use Hypnosis For These Trying Times

I’m giving group seminars on how to use hypnosis to effectively take back control in this seemingly trying business and economic climate. If you would like to be notified of this rewarding program, follow the links in the bottom resource box and sign up for my self hypnosis mini course. You will be notified of all of the public group hypnosis seminars that I do. I take your privacy seriously and would never sell or rent the information to anyone or any group. You will also learn how to do Self Hypnosis to focus your mind by enrolling in my free self hypnosis mini course.

Marc Carlin
World renowned hypnotist, is the contributing author of the new book “Real World Hypnosis: Insider Tips from Leading Hypnotists”. Marc has done thousands of hypnosis sessions to help people regain control over their feelings, emotions and habits. He loves helping fellow humans take back control over their lives and start on the path of enjoying the happiness that true freedom brings. Regaining control during stressful times will allow you to take advantage of the truly rewarding opportunities that these times bring.

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You can sign up for his free 5 day mini course on the art of self hypnosis by going to this website:
New York Hypnosis
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marc_Carlin

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