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NYC Hypnosis-Change Your Mind & Change Your Life

Weight Loss Hypnosis In Manhattan NYC

Marc Carlin, The NYC Hypnotist working with weight loss client

Welcome to the premier site in New York City, New York, for information about how NYC hypnosis is used in my office to help you and your fellow New York neighbors make changes in your behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.  The work done in my Manhattan office is of great importance to me and certainly to you.  Your problems are solved in the fastest time possible using the most advanced methods known.

What Is NYC Hypnosis?

This is the type of hypnosis that is done in my office in New York City.  But more important than that is that the most asked question about hypnosis is; what is it? and how is it done?  I will look to answer your questions on this page.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind.  It is a state of focused attention, and letting go.  Letting go of the normal everyday need for critical assessment of what is going on, and just taking on the experience of calm and relaxation.  Well, that is only part of it.  The other part is allowing the experience to happen.  And a well trained and fully experienced hypnotist will enable their client to achieve an effective trance state for the work that needs to be performed.  The proper state of trance for change work is a state where you will become more suggestible than you would normally be.  That just means that you will be open to new ideas, and new thoughts, without being critical of them.  So that you will be more likely to accept these new ideas, and see how they work for you.  If you have spent the time to visit with me, it is understood that whatever you’ve been doing is not working so well for you.  That’s an indication that it’s time for a change.  And as change happens all the time, why not take this opportunity to direct the change the way that you want.

How Will You Hypnotize Me?

There are a number of ways to be guided into a trance state.  And examples of hypnosis are all around us.  If you have ever gotten lost in thought, imagined things that you expect will happen, or relived moments from the past that have already taken place, then you have been guided into hypnotic trance by your thoughts, or other people’s conversation.  Watching a story unfold on the big or small screen, reading an interesting book, and being drawn into the story fully, these are also examples of everyday hypnotic trance.

In my office I will guide you into trance, with your permission, in a number of different ways, depending upon your individual responses.  The process of guiding you into trance is called the hypnotic induction.  And as I mentioned earlier, this process is tailored to your needs.  That is the beauty of seeing an experienced hypnotist that is able to cater to you.  I can let you have the experience of hypnosis, and verify to you that you have achieved that remarkable state for powerful and profound change.

What If Change Comes And Goes?

Hypnosis done correctly, is a state where the changes that have escaped you so far becomes real to you, and within your grasp.  All that is really necessary at this point is that you truly desire the change that you claim to want.  If any roadblocks to your expressed change arise, the qualified hypnotist will be capable of finding the quickest path to your success.

How Long Will It Take?

While hypnotism for change is the fastest possible way for people to correct thoughts, habits, perceptions, and feelings, it usually takes more than one session for the change to be complete.  Think about this for a moment, your problem has been with you probably for a long time, months or years of time of repeating the problem.  It would be wonderful if you could break free of that problem in just one session.  But that rarely is the case.  The average person sees a hypnotist for between 4 to 6 sessions to create lasting change.  Compare that to years and years of unsatisfactory results doing nothing, or using other methods.

More Information

If you have more questions, which you probably do you can give me a call at

(212) 223-1832

Office location:  220 E. 54th St., 1B

New York, NY 10022

Phone:  (212) 223-1832
Feel free to post your comments and questions below:

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