Oct 12

How To Learn Hypnosis

This question comes up frequently from different people with differing goals and ideas in mind. Some people are looking to learn hypnosis to help them with a personal problem that they’ve been having trouble getting over. Some people are looking for a training in the methods of hypnosis to help them to start a new career and help many others to live a more satisfying life.

This post will deal with the former reasons that a person would want to learn hypnosis. To take care of their own health, behavior, and habits. When you learn hypnosis for yourself, you become more empowered in how to control your responses and actions.

Hypnosis is a trance like state of mind that when achieved allows you to use your imagination to effect how your body responds. So if you guide yourself into this trance like state and start to imagine yourself running on a ball field, your whole body will start to fire off neurons throughout your body as it would if you were actually running on a ball field.

What becomes really impressive about this type of thing is that while you are sitting or lying still, your body practices a behavior as if it is really happening. You are becoming familiar with a particular behavior without ever having to leave your seat or your bed. And whatever is familiar to us becomes easier for us to do. And that’s the real beauty of learning hypnosis.

You can learn hypnosis by reading a book about it. There are many manuals out there that will guide you in the right procedures to begin to experience a state of relaxation and then hypnotic trance. There are also recordings that you can listen to that when you follow the directions of the voice on the recordings will give you the experience of going into trance. And then while in trance the recorded voice might also supply suggestions to you for some aspect of your life that you feel you’d like to change.

One of the best ways of learning hypnosis is to visit with a hypnotist that will help you experience a trance state. As the hypnotist guides you into trance, they will have the ability to make sure that you have sufficiently reached a good level of hypnosis. A good hypnotist can also verify to you that you are in hypnosis, so you will know what the trance experience is all about. And a well trained hypnotist will also be able to provide you with a switch or trigger that will assist you in going into hypnotic trance on your own after you are no longer with them. So this is usually the best method of learning hypnosis because you will have removed all doubt about whether you’re doing it in a satisfactory way as well as knowing that you’ve achieved the state of mind that you have wanted.

You can learn self hypnosis to help you change and also start yourself on the road to change with a session or few from my office. Call me to discuss how I can help you solve your problem at 212 223-1832

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