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We are programmed for vibrant health

I agree with much of what you say here.

I have found that once our body has met with some kind of a physical challenge, or dis-ease, and has successfully fended it off, it can rebuild and become fully whole again.  We are healing machines.  Given the time and the resources to heal, grow, and regenerate, our body will return to homeostasis which is vibrant, glowing, and natural good health.

New York Hypnosis Healthy Balance

With New York Hypnosis you can be in healthy balance

One of the drawbacks of having been challenged with some kind of ailment is that our body, which is also a learning machine, learns how to respond to the disease.  Learns to create that disease state, or at least those disease symptoms.  So at times, even though the body is not “really” sick, it mimics the sickness through the symptoms that it has learned.

We learn how to be sick

For example, one of the more common physical complaints revolve around back pain.  Upper back, lower back, sides, etc.  And according to Louise Hay, if you have pain in your upper back or shoulder area, it’s like you’ve taken on too much worries of all those around you.  “Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”.  Now you might have first been introduced to this pain because you strained a muscle by lifting something in the wrong way, or moving in a quick and wild manner before your muscles were fully warmed up.  So there would be initially a real physical cause for the pain you are experiencing in your back.  But as I mentioned earlier, we are healing machines, and your back, over time, will heal.  Fully.  But now your body knows first hand how to duplicate the pain you were experiencing.  And it can manifest that same “pain” response when your mind thinks you might need it to protect yourself.

When parts of our mind are in conflict

New York Hypnosis Mind/Body Conflict Resolution

New York Hypnosis Mind/Body Conflict Resolution

This body/mind dis-ease creation is what is known as secondary gain.  In my work as a hypnotist, I am ever vigilant to that being a part of the problem.  It isn’t very common, but it is common enough that I must be mindful of its possibility.  When resolution of the problem that clients seek me out for is incomplete, I then look to resolving secondary gain issues.

Let me explain secondary gain in a simple way with an example that comes up often for this type of thing.  A client comes in complaining about back pain from an injury suffered on the job.  He’s been to doctors, had medical procedures, been to chiropractors, maybe even had surgery and has been given a clean bill of health by all attending practitioners.  The only problem is that he is still in pain!  Still wanting to be free of the discomfort of his injury he seeks me out and wants to be hypnotized to stop feeling the pain.  Of course, before I begin, I get the proper medical referrals, something that’s important with pain.  (Pain is like the fire alarm of the body, indicating that there’s something wrong.  Hypnosis is so very powerful as a remedy for pain that a real physical problem that could be causing the pain needs to be ruled out.  Otherwise it would be like disconnecting the fire alarm and allowing the building to burn to the ground.  Not a good thing!)

Looking for answers
If after working with the client and finding him not getting the relief he should be getting, it would be time to find out what is holding him back from releasing the pain.  While in hypnosis and during an interactive Q & A session, we might uncover that the client is receiving an income from his disability.   And the prospect of getting better would mean that he would lose that income, perhaps lose all his possessions and become homeless.  So to protect himself, he has unconsciously learned to hold onto that pain.

Stress – the common denominator

New York Hypnosis For Stress Relief

Get Stress Relief with New York Hypnosis

And as you mentioned stress is a contributing factor in many of the diseases that we are plagued with in our modern western cultures.  Hypnosis and mental work is the best method to train your mind to experience stress in a way that is much different than you would currently be feeling it, if stress has been causing you problems.  Meditation is a great way of training your mind to release stress.  Being fully in the moment, and fully engaged with your surroundings is a another great way of learning to treat stress properly.  But there is another way to view stress.

Is stress really the problem?
I don’t know that stress is as big a problem as most people claim it to be.  In many cases, stress is what makes us stronger, and makes life interesting.  It might not be stress that causes all the problems, but strain caused by unresolved or wrongly handled stress.
Training the mind for health
Something that I have enjoyed almost my whole life that has helped me keep a handle on life’s stresses has been skiing.  It has helped me to train my mind to be in the moment.  It comes with a built in feedback monitor.  When you are skiing, you will know when you stop being in the moment, because it’s at that moment that you are no longer in a vertical posture. lol.

So working with the proper tools in a non invasive manner, we can use mind/body techniques to help us heal fully and reach our full potential.

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