Apr 27

New York Hypnosis – What Does It Solve?

Happy at New York Hypnosis weight loss

A Wonderful New York Hypnosis Smile

New York Hypnosis is about how hypnosis is used in my office in the Midtown East section of Manhattan in NYC.

A quick search on the internet revealed to me the most important problems that people around the area are looking to solve using hypnosis.  I found it very interesting that this list coincides with the reasons that most people call on me to help them solve their problems.

I was surprised with some of the queries.  I knew people were interested in the adult facet of hypnosis but I was unaware that it held so much fascination with such a majority of people.

So here are the top 20 requests that I receive yearly for hypnotic solutions to everyday problems from everyday people.

  1. How to do self hypnosis
  2. Hypnosis for weight loss
  3. hypnosis for smoking
  4. erotic hypnosis
  5. hypnosis to help with sleep
  6. hypnosis relaxation
  7. hypnosis training
  8. conversational hypnosis
  9. hypnosis for sexual difficulties
  10. stage hypnosis
  11. covert hypnosis
  12. hypnosis for fear
  13. hypnosis confidence
  14. medical hypnosis
  15. hypnosis depression
  16. golf hypnosis
  17. hypnosis for self esteem
  18. hypnosis for past life regression
  19. sports hypnosis
  20. hypnosis for fear of public speaking
I’m going to start to address all of these problems in these articles over the next few days, so subscribe to my RSS feed so you won’t miss any of them.  More on that later.
First: How to do self hypnosis.
I have written a course on learning the skill of self hypnosis and you can now have it for free.  It is available here at: How To Do Self Hypnosis.  You can access my original course on how to do self hypnosis by clicking on the link and going to the home page of hypnoticstate.com.  In the upper right hand corner you will see a headline that says, “Learn The Secrets Of Self Hypnosis”.
Why Is Self Hypnosis So Popular?

Well, self hypnosis is so easily available to all of us.  It is our birthright.  It is a process that shows you how to use your mind more fully.  And by learning these simple techniques and using them you can start enjoying the life you’ve always wanted to live.  There is a trick to it though.  Sort of like the “catch” to being successful.  Once you learn to how to direct the programming of your mind, you have to be willing to do it at least as often as you’ve been programming your mind to follow all the negative programs you’ve developed over the years.
What are your interests in self hypnosis, or in hypnosis in any other area?
How do they fit in with the preceding list?
Just jot down your comments below, I’m listening.
Oh yeah, and remember to subscribe to the RSS feed with the little orange symbol so you don’t miss any of the insights I have to offer on the other hypnosis specialties that most people are interested in.

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