Jul 11

Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss – How Does it Work?

The reason why most fat people are fat is because they have a bad relationship with food. The associations that they’ve made with food do not serve them properly. Using hypnosis for weight loss enables you to change your relationship with food and eating. It does this through various techniques including mental rehearsal, visualization, emotional release.

Fat Woman Before Hypnosis for Weight Loss

With hypnosis for weight loss you'll look sexy around the poo

Since you probably already know that your relationship with food is wrong you will be glad to know that a hypnotist strives to create new relationships for you with food and eating behaviors. When food is viewed as a source of fuel, rather than a source of comfort, you start to reclaim your control and become more at peace.

A recent case study reveals that a client came into the hypnotist’s office beaming because of the changes she noticed after her previous session. She stated that in her whole life she had never felt this good. And she felt this good everywhere she went. This lady is morbidly obese, but quickly changing her attitude and relationship with food. She reported that she exercised easily, and did so without complaining or feeling she “had to” do it. When presented with food choices she made healthier ones, more easily. If she felt like eating something she knew wasn’t so healthy for her, she found just a bite would be sufficient.

The process she experienced while doing hypnosis for weight loss is common when the advanced hypnotic techniques are employed properly. A morbidly obese person is eating to satisfy an emotion, not eating to satisfy physical need to replenish food supplies. In order to change behaviors at this point, it takes more than just using your imagination to mentally rehearse new behaviors, although that’s still an important part of the process.

You'll Jump for Joy after weight loss through hypnosis

You'll Jump for Joy After Weight Loss through Hypnosis

What becomes the focus of the early part of the program is learning how to respond to the emotions that the person is feeling. Those emotions are trying to communicate something that this fat person needs to know. It may be stuck in the past still trying to get the attention of the person, but whether that feeling is based in reality or just made up, it still needs to be taken care of. Or it will continue to cause problems in your life.

There are a few ways that dealing with feelings is accomplished when seeing a hypnotist. There are also ways of working through your emotions on your own. One way of doing that for yourself is to start with a journal. Keep it with you at all times. Write down your feelings. Spend about 20 minutes ever day for the next week or so writing down your innermost feelings and thoughts. Starting to identify your feelings is the first step to moving them out of your unconscious decision making process.

This process is approached differently by the hypnotist using hypnosis for weight loss. It can be done in conjunction with your journaling as well. When you start to become part of the solution doing your journaling work along with the person you’ve chosen to help you it becomes a more satisfying experience for you. You can comfortably say that you truly own your goal weight.

What have you found when you took pen to paper and kept a journal for your weight loss.  Did that work for you?  Post your results below.

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