May 12

Weight Loss Hypnosis In New York pt. 2

My previous article highlighted a way of using weight loss hypnosis in New York for a very quick refresher.  This is for those who are experienced using self hypnosis and previously having success with it and what they want at this moment is just a recap or refresher.  It is not for the majority of people looking into hypnosis for weight loss New York.  So this article will review some of the other approaches for weight loss using hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis In New York

Veggies You Crave With Weight Loss Hypnosis In New York

For those people who want to change habits and want some help to do this and want to be able to make changes quicker than they normally would they can consider weight loss using hypnosis.  The hypnotist will ask you questions about what behaviors you currently are doing that is causing you problems.  If you don’t know what they are, the experienced hypnotist will ask you about certain behaviors that you are currently doing.  Are you eating many meals during the day?  Are you eating in specific places, at specific times?  Are you involved with doing other things while you are eating – multi-tasking?  What foods are you eating?  Are you “craving” certain foods at certain times?  These and other questions get the dialogue flowing so that the hypnotist can hone in on the specific behaviors that should be changed so that you can start to build new habitual behaviors that will be healthier for you.  Once this takes place you will naturally release the excess weight that you are carrying around.

So  this approach to weight loss with hypnosis is to uncover the behaviors that are causing you trouble, and then work to eliminate them and replace them with new healthy behaviors that become habits.

How To Make Habits Quickly

Once the faulty habits are identified it’s now time to target them for change.  Habits are made by doing a behavior repeatedly.  By performing a behavior that is the opposite of the behavior that you are currently doing you will have to suspend that old behavior in order to do the new one.  Take for example the habit of sleeping past 9 AM.  When you start to develop the habit of waking up and staying up at 7 AM you will automatically counteract the old habit and the old habit will be removed.  Well that’s not really true.  The old habit doesn’t just disappear, it is just stored away and you are able to revitalize that old habit as you want.  So what prevents that from happening?

How To Make New Habits Permanent

So you’ve been working on these new habits, and the old habits seem to be more desirable.  They are more attractive and it seems a struggle to maintain the newer behaviors .  What do you do?  What you need to do is to build in a strategy that motivates you to stay on track.  One of those strategies is to set up a mental thought process of all the negative consequences of doing the old behaviors.  So that every time you think about “the good old days” of that old behavior, you immediately think of all the negative problems along with all those negative feelings that are associated with that old behavior.  This is what is called an “away from” strategy, because it keeps you moving away from something negative.  It is a good way of using feelings and creating associations that are meant to keep you on the correct path of success.  But there is something weak about this strategy and there is a much more powerful stragtegy that you can create and use for success.  I’ll get into that with my next article.

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